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Hear what our customers have to say...

                   Just a note of thanks to you and your crew for the excellent job in the repair of my marine transport trailer. It seems we only hear negatives from customers about our work and rarely do people find the time to give any praise. I just wanted everyone at Paul's to know that I do appreciate the great service and helpful friendly attitude. I will definitely be back again.

Jim Tiefel
Marine Tech

     Very many thanks to the great staff at Paul's!  You helped us when we were in a bind and so far from home.  We were the couple from NH - in town for a car show on the weekend of July 23rd-25th, 2004.  The lights on or car trailer were shorting out and blowing fuses in our truck.  You all were very understanding of our emergency situation, and took us in right away - no appointment!!  Our problem was diagnosed and fixed within no time!
     We are happy to say that our trip back to NH was 100% problem free- all thanks to the staff at Paul's who fixed us up and even sold us some extra towing goods we had never thought to use before (which also helped us with some other problems we were having with our tow straps).
     A nightmare weekend was suddenly turned into a really great weakend due to your help.  We very much appreciate the opportunity to have done business with such a great family business.

Mike and Kim L.
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